We’re launching a logo and avatar design competition for Maximum Jailbreak, with a reward to the winner.

To understand what we are looking for, please read Benedict Singleton's essay which inspired the name Maximum Jailbreak, and Giulio Prisco's article which explains why we decided to use it as the name of our Space Media project.

We are looking for a logo and an avatar that expresses this particular notion from Singleton's essay:

It seems obvious that we are confined in space to the surface of the earth, and in time to the length of a life. Fedorov’s imaginative achievement revolves around refusing to mistake the ubiquity of these constraints—for all the great hold they exert—as inescapable necessities we have no choice but to accept. Those who point to the huge expanse of the earth and the whole terrestrial history of life—this is nothing but myopia, squalid provincialism. In isolated form, this is the characteristic gesture of cosmism, what we might call the “cosmist impulse”: to consider the earth a trap, and to understand the common project of philosophy, economics, and design as being the formulation of means to escape from it: to conceive a jailbreak at the maximum possible scale, a heist in which we steal ourselves from the vault.

If you feel as inspired by this as we do and want to be part of this groundbreaking initiative, please
submit your designs. You can submit as many designs as you'd like, but each entry allows 5 files of 1MB each.

Winners will be announced on December 15th.

General rules:

1) Your design should be in a 1:1 format, and must be clear and readable in large or small sizes, easily translatable to different colors.

2) You can submit up to five images of up to 1MB per entry. If your design is selected, we will need a high resolution image file as well as the editable file. Submitted images should be in .png format, with transparent background.

2) The design should be of your own authorship. If it is a composed image, all elements must be either public domain or your own work.

3) The Maximum Jailbreak producers will decide whether your submitted design will be considered a logo or an avatar.

4) Space Decentral will display the best designs for public comment and discussions for up to two weeks, but the Maximum Jailbreak producers have full discretion in selecting the winners.

5) There will be two winners in this competition - one for logo design, the other for avatar design. Each winner will get US$75, paid through Paypal.

6) The winners will be notified via email or phone. If contact is not returned within 5 days of the announcement, Space Decentral will choose another design.