Historically nation states have correlated particular pieces of land with particular ethnic and religious groups. This has led to endless fighting and confusion. Since space colonies will be formed on pieces of land without histories, I propose that we attempt to prevent the formation of traditional nation states and their related complications.

I propose we do this using the following methods:

  1. The top or federal level should be a direct or delegative democracy with public records (e.g. blockchain)
  2. All land and natural resources are owned by the “federal government” where the resources are sold by the government and the land is rented by the government. Those wishing to extract resources must also rent the land while they are extracting resources. Land rent could be the sole tax at the "federal level”. The rent should include one rate for the width and length of the land used and one rate for the height of the land use. A lower rate for height should encourage conserving ground space and building upwards. Land declared a historical site could exist rent free.
  3. Instead of a fixed number of states with a fixed allotment of land, states can be formed as virtual entities that rent land. Even discontinuous pieces of land can be rented to a single state. The dynamic, discontinuous nature of land rents should encourage physical integration.
  4. The set of states should be very dynamic and states should be easy to form, dissolve, and merge.
  5. States can set their own rules for membership, however, entry into the system as a whole can not be limited by discrimination based on membership in a protected class. Protected classes might include: race, gender, sexual orientation, nation of origin, religion, and disability.
  6. If an integrated state does not exist, member states may be required to abandon discriminatory practices until such a state forms. There may also be a need for emergency injunctions in cases where someone being excluded from participation in a state may lead with high probability to significant harm.
  7. States should not be allowed to eject existing members, based on status in a protected class, should their rules for membership change.
  8. States that use public infrastructure should not be able to discriminate against customers who visit businesses that use public infrastructure. Public infrastructure could include things like internet access, water, sewage, and public roads.
  9. States should not be allowed to discriminate amongst their own citizens in employment or when patronizing businesses. Exceptions could be made for official religious organizations.
  10. Federal Level rules should define one's obligations when traveling to pieces of land under the control of foreign states. I propose these rules be easy to understand and be based on the harm principle.
  11. States should be governed by direct or delegative democracies with public records (e.g. blockchain)
  12. Multiple citizenship should be allowed.
  13. The only aristocracy allowed should be those with no special political power, meaning a single vote per citizen. Perhaps aristocrats could exist as a kind of celebrity with the purpose of transmitting and proposing adjustments to their state's culture from generation to generation.
  14. All states are encouraged to benefit the general community by offering open source designs for things like buildings, furniture, clothing and detailed plans for festivals or other cultural events.
  15. Special federal level subsidies could be available only to those states that publish open source designs (perhaps in proportion to how often those design are accessed).
  16. Special federal level subsidies could be made available only to those states that do not discriminate on membership based on status in protected classes.
  17. Land could be directly rented from the Federal level by an individual without having to sub-rent from a state.
  18. Independent citizens of the Federation may not be required to join or form a state.
  19. To make it easy to create alternatives, basic resources (e.g. information, software, limited access to equipment) should be made available for those wishing to form a new virtual state.

Why form a state? States could negotiate a fixed price, long term lease from the Federation and make the land available to its citizens under its own rules. States could also levy their own taxes and have rules regulating business and housing developments that are in addition to the Federal Level rules. Earth nations and religions may wish to have a state presence for transmitting their traditions and as a matter of pride. States might also provide special benefits to its citizens such as subsidies and Universal Guaranteed Incomes.

If the Federal Level is implemented as a distributed computing process where there is no dedicated federal land or buildings, then I propose the collection of states be called an integration as opposed to a federation. Some rules might be enforced by the Integration by withholding part of a Universal Guaranteed Income from a guilty party, where the Universal Guaranteed Income is derived from the land use rents and sale of natural resources.

Perhaps someday there will be something like this on Mars - Mars Integrated Republics or MIR? Mir means both world and peace in Russian. It could also be a tribute to the Cosmists.