Hello Coral Team,

We had a great meeting last night, with 19 members present! I think that was our largest attendance so far, thank you all for participating!

For those who were unable to attend, you can check out the meeting minutes here, and the video recording here.


1) The email list will be restricted to announcements

Going forward, the email list is only going to be used for announcements from the coordinators (such as myself and Patrick). We have disabled the ability to send messages to the email list.

If there are any insights you want to share, please communicate on this Coral forum for general brainstorming/discussion or the relevant Github task. Since Coral is growing week by week and it will be easier for new members to follow past discussions if we contained it within our forum in place of email.

2) Use GitHub

We are making Github a required tool needed to work on Coral. When we don’t have 100% of the work is being tracked on Github, it makes it difficult for the rest of the team to know who is working on what, which tasks are in progress and which haven’t even been started. Additionally, the contributions on Github are going to be how we track who are active team members, and the provenance of work on the project.

Please realize the importance of this and signup for a Github account if you haven't already. Here is a video on how to get started and also the guide we made a few weeks ago.

3) Planning Meeting - September 12th (8pm PDT)

We have scheduled a planning meeting for Wednesday September 12th at 8:00pm (PDT), for the Mission Engineering working group and the few other people who have expressed interest previously. There is no need for the entire team to participate, as that might add unnecessary topics and tangents to the discussion.

Meeting follow-up

In this meeting we started talking about the high level requirements and ended up discussing a plan to define those requirements. We decided that it’s best to conduct trade studies on some key topics to have a solid base for our con-ops and requirements, based off concrete data.

Top Tasks

We are in the process of organizing the top priority tasks, and they are currently in the Top Tasks pipeline. These will be further refined after our planning meeting.


  • Tamalee + Craig: Research potential lunar landers for Coral payload (task #78)
  • Andy: Make a trade study template (task #72)
  • Suzi: Start making the basic Con Ops diagram for discussion on Wednesday (task #90)


The following are unassigned top tasks. If you have time to help on the tasks this week, please click on the task URL and add a comment as soon as possible. It’s okay for multiple people to share a task as well.
* List out processes to qualitatively rate of the level of autonomy desired (task #92)
* Trade studies of Relevant Lunar Materials and the applicable collection/manufacturing methods (task #23)
* Trade study - Sensor options (task #91)
* Trade study of the regolith processing methods (task #15)

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