I believe all the components are now available to create a space manufactory. The challenge becomes merging the components together to create a self-sustaining ecosystem.

Core technical components:

  1. Low-cost launch vehicle
  2. 3D-printers
  3. Drones and robotics
  4. Power to sustain operations
  5. Steady flow of raw materials
  6. Reusable, commodity building block designs

The overall theory here is to seed the initial platform, which builds a beachhead in space. The initial infrastructure serves to build even bigger infrastructure.

The idea here is to lower costs and risks by using off the shelf components and eventually building economies of scale. Big bang launches can be extremely expensive , risky, and time consuming.

Ideally, a fully operational space could be built before a human ever steps foot inside of the manufactory.

Overall, once the equipment is up and running, only raw materials are then being shipped up to the manufactory. Very long term, the materials will be sourced from asteroids and space, relieving the effort of having to build launch vehicles fighting against trying to escape the atmosphere.

See Von Neumann probes for an overall vision and its variants:


As the mission description notes, garage tech can complement the existing platforms by reducing costs. Obviously there is also alot of regulatory work that needs to be done to make sure these platforms can be achieved.

Some resources for further diligence: