Lunar Odyssey

Luna City

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At last, a city on our moon.


The establishment of a permanent settlement on the Moon is being considered by space agencies and interest groups, and some promising locations (e.g. near the lunar poles or in recently discovered large lava tubes) have been identified. We intend to participate in initial robotic and/or crewed explorations finalized to the establishment of lunar habitats, and then in the development of Luna City, a large colony on the Moon.

The Moon is the logical next step on the outer space frontier, and already identified business cases will soon unlock the funding needed for lunar settlement. Firmly persuaded that Luna City will be a reality in a few decades, we intend to play a role in all phases of its development, from conception to establishment and operations.


We need to explore whether NASA's Deep Space Gateway is complementary or orthoganol to a Lunar City. I can do the necessary research to fulfill this.
There has been extensive work done by Aldrin, Genova, and others on the concept of Mars and lunar cyclers - spacecraft that continuously move between Earth/Mars or Earth/moon. This type of system would potentially be an efficient backbone to support a lunar base. Suggest that this type of approach be included in any studies / projects that we may do. Now that the Falcon Heavy is available, its potential to work within a lunar base architecture, including the use of cyclers, needs to be developed.



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