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Solar Regatta

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Researching the potential of solar sail technology for use in the exploration, prospecting, and mining of asteroids.


Space Decentral will initiate a request-for-proposal (RFP) process for a pilot space mission, Solar Regatta. Solar Regatta is a competitive space challenge with three fundamental objectives:
* Spurring development of solar sail propulsion technology,
* Promoting open-source space missions, and
* Accelerating the socio-economic impetus for future missions to asteroids.

The challenge seeks mission proposals for a modest scale spacecraft that will voyage to a series of accessible near-Earth asteroids, serving as a solar sail technology demonstrator, supported by its potential as a science platform. The competition blends elements of familiar RFP processes with a community fundraising element. The criteria by which these proposals are evaluated is announced at the opening of the RFP process. The fundraising element incorporates a crowdfunded award, with community incentives for financially contributing to the award, such as partial rights to the resources verified by the mission and the corresponding mission data. Assuming fundraising milestones are met, one winning team will receive the award to fulfill development, launch and mission operations.

One purpose of this pilot mission is to test and fine tune the governance processes of the Space Decentral Network. Fundraising for the development of specific space missions such as Solar Regatta will come after the ICO. Due to the democratic nature of the DAO, it will be up to the network to decide whether Solar Regatta should be one of the first funded missions. We will be announcing more details about this process in the near future.


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