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Titanium Shores

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A network of future-focused, space-themed intentional villages on Earth.


We anticipate that technologies emergent today will largely eliminate the need for ‘roughing it’ in space and would like to portray our future there in a much more hopeful context. A vision of space as a place accessible to all where, in spite of the challenges, we don’t merely survive but thrive! To this end we propose the creation of Titanium Shores: a network of space-themed intentional villages on Earth that can showcase a life in space to actually aspire toward. We seek to explore the application of anticipated space construction and In-Situ Resource Utilization techniques to the creation of novel, beautiful, comfortable, habitats offering an appealing lifestyle. We also intend these communities to be the working facilities for our overall program, providing the workplace and workforce for the many projects and business ventures we anticipate necessary to the realization of this new positive vision of life in space. We will not be settling the solar system overnight. To be sustainable, that pursuit must be its own reward. And in these futuristic community settings we will seek to cultivate space development as not only a job or career but a lifestyle appealing in its own right, making it a powerful social/cultural attractors for a global space movement.

Through this project, we suggest the following initial research focuses:
- Design a machine that can 3D print habitats
- Suggest the maximum number of people that should live in this village.
- Define what percentage of habitats should be reserved for refugees and displaced persons.
- Design the transportation system for a village that is 1,200 acres. This transportation system should be designed with the assumption that implementation can begin in 2018 (hence the technology should already be safe and tested for human use)
- Provide an analysis on the top cities with the best zoning laws where this village should be implemented. Take into consideration laws such as how high one can build, or a country’s immigration laws

For all design solutions, we need to take people with disabilities into consideration.


While being proximate to a larger city will provide opportunities for jobs and activities that can provide resources to individuals it would likely be desirable to begin to develop valuable businesses and resource generating enterprises within the community itself. To that end I would like to inquire as to what kinds of business people think that we might want to engage in.
This is a very complicated project to think through when you think about questions like land ownership in the context of both crowdfunding and crowdsourcing. Legally speaking, it will make the most sense if most of the land belonged to the commons, yet habitats can be purchased for some minimum amount. Hence if someone “crowdfunds” $100, they shouldn’t necessarily be expecting to have a habitat on this village, but they can perhaps have one weeks of stay in the village’s hotels. Based on the different amount a person contributed, they’d either have a hotel stay or a settlement. When someone vacates their settlement, they’d only be able to sell it for the same price plus costs incurred, hence there is no motivation to be a landlord. This returns land to the commons. The first location should be decided before the crowdfund occurs, as based on citizenship, only certain participants will be allowed to live there.



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