The 2018 ASIME Symposium was held at the Université du Luxembourg
Recently, they posted the ASIME Abstract Book

The abstracts that grabbed my attention include the following (I added URLs where you can download a recent, relevant publication for most of the authors):

Keynote: Asteroid composition: How Many Hydrated NEOs Do We Expect? Andy Rivkin and F. E. DeMeo,

Keynote: The Moon’s Role in the Development of Space Resources, Ian Crawford,

Quantifying hydration from IR signatures of primitive meteorites, Pierre Beck,

In-situ spectra from Chang'E-3 and laboratory spectra of meteorites, Wu Yun Zhao,

Japanese Second Sample Return Mission: Hayabusa 2, Tomoki Nakamura

Results of the Dawn Mission to Vesta and Ceres, Carol Raymond,

NEOWise, Amy Mainzer,,

Efficient Massively Parallel Prospection for ISRU by Multiple Near-Earth Asteroid Rendezvous using Near-Term Solar Sails and ‘Now-Term‘ Small
Spacecraft Solutions, Grundmann et al,