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Low Earth Luxury

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A luxurious resort destination in low earth orbit.


Space stations have been envisaged since at least as early as 1869 when Edward Everett Hale wrote "The Brick Moon". The first to give serious consideration to space stations were Konstantin Tsiolkovsky in the early 20th century and Hermann Oberth about two decades later. In 1929 Herman Potocnik's The Problem of Space Travel was published, the first to envision a "rotating wheel" space station to create artificial gravity.

What if there was a new space station that offered access to luxury, to all? The ride, sensations, experience, and view from low earth orbit (LEO) far surpasses anything on Earth. In thinking through the design and comforts of this new space station, we should create an economic plan that can reduce the cost of access drastically, with each iteration. This may require serious leaps in additive manufacturing and advanced systems such as space elevators.


A luxurious resort destination in low Earth orbit. Let turn this idea into reality. recognize that a resort is by definition a commercial for-profit business get more crew -- specifically involve serious business people write business plan incorporate find pre-seed investors and business angels find architect find engineers find contractors find financing for the whole project book the resort solidly with guests for the next ten years because you have to pay back financial backers Is this the first time someone has proposed a space resort? No. Is this the furthest along such project? No. Are most such projects actually just orbital hotels with no real thought put into luxury? Yes. Do most people know the difference between a hotel and a resort? No, not even most travel agents. Do we have a chance at successfully turning this discussion into a profitable company? Yes, but there will be a lot of hard work.


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