How can an idea turn into a plan? It needs to be discussed, analyzed and debated. The intention of the discussion forum is to facilitate conversations that lead to action.

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Quick, Quality Courses for Blockchain and Space Fundamentals

One of the reasons I like the project is the caliber of the founding team. They are driven, well-credentialed, and bring accomplished domain experience. The project aims to be open to anybody, so I thought a good idea would be for those of us lacking domain experience to get up to speed on the...
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MH12500 HLLV Module Update

This is basically my original concept for the MH12500 Heavy Lift Launch Vehicle standardised module. The baseline stats (basicly the mass budget allowances) are essentially identical to those I noted for the MH12500A module (the more advanced version). Although the mass budget is in the same rang...
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Introducing the MH12500A HLLV module

This is a 12.5m x 25m "wet-workshop" module currently under development. It is a derivative of an older, purely cylindrical design (an updated version of which I expect to post in the near future... once I have solved a problem that I am having with my CAD programme). As a "wet-workshop" desig...
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Bootstrappable Energy

Energy is a critical limiting factor in plans to develop a base on Mars into a manufacturing facility that can expand into a self-sufficient colony. It limits how much subsurface ice can be melted and processed, how many structural bricks can be baked, how much iron and glass can be smelted, and ...
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"Galaxy Quest" proposed flipping a Science Fiction TV show into a reality that even the cast didn't expect. This project is a reality that most of the world is unaware of. Suppose you launch a story about a group of dreamers putting a space venture together. As the story progresses viewers mig...
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Know me ... from Adam.

Hi there, I'm Adam... and I'm new here. I've written somewhat extensively about "space travel" and the prospects that I see--the good ideas and some commentary on the bad ones that pervade our current attempts and also our history and fiction. I don't particularly ever want to see "space" mys...
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INTRODUCING THE "J2" CONCEPT- 'Universally Adaptable' Transport Craft

This is a revision of a project that I have been working on for a few years now. Oringinally, I started work on it as a concept proposal for a "Universal Lander" for BuildTheEnterprise (BTE), building off the visual inspiration of the "Jupiter 2" from the Lost In Space television series. At 50...
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The Theory of Existence

Existence is a different kind of blockchain. It isn't based on a timeline, but a connected circle. The whole existence and their space-time acts like a infinite blockchain. When something starts, is because something had ended before. Nothing can start from nothing. When you see the genesis bl...
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Flying saucers are feasible and not a joke

In previous post (, I'd suggested about Space Decentral doing a simple, first launch. Now, I suggest Space Decentral can innovate with... ...flying saucers. Yes. Not a joke. My message with details:
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