The purpose of the Space Decentral is to support the state-independent exploration, use and settlement of space. Space Decentral seeks to engage internationally all members of the human community who share a vision of a continual flourishing of both human and non-human life both on the Earth itself and spreading, like a green fire of creation, into the cosmos. Space Decentral will serve as a hub to tap into the potential of human creativity and collaboration across the globe, pooling our talents and resources to ensure long term commitment, autonomy, and shared responsibility for that vision. This hub provides the core of the Space Decentral as an international decentralized space program.

Applications are required to become a core member (“Member”) and require a commitment of volunteering at least 20 hours a month to Space Decentral's activities. Other contributors (“Builders”) can openly volunteer without any minimum time commitment. We have limited slots available for core membership and invite you to apply. If you'd like to be a Builder, we invite you to simply join our chatroom and let us know.

Note: Your location does not matter, as we typically meet and collaborate virtually.

Apply to become a core member

Departments & Functions

Space Engineering

  • Project manage space missions or space technology projects
  • Individually contribute to space missions or space technology projects (as an engineer, scientist, etc.)
  • Help curate project ideas from community members
  • Research and write publications


  • Refining pitch deck & whitepaper
  • Identifying potential investors & donors
  • Establishing strategic partnerships
  • General high level strategic planning


  • Social media: Finding interesting articles to share & tweet; Engaging with influencers (e.g. replying to them); scheduling blog content
  • Writing articles for the blog
  • Copyediting articles/papers
  • Managing community outreach contests
  • Design: Support all departments for design needs (e.g. social media assets, product design, etc)


  • Maintaining the Code of Conduct
  • Maintaining the member Bylaws
  • Maintaining the member handbook
  • Recruitment, hiring, onboarding, off-boarding
  • Reviewing team output & providing optimization suggestions

Software/Product Development

  • Product management
  • Software development
  • System administration
  • DevOps

Apply to become a core member


  1. Membership of Space Decentral is open to all individuals willing and able to positively contribute and participate in its operation, regardless of prior or current affiliation and national, political, ideological, cultural, spiritual, ethnic, racial, sexual, or gender identity.
  2. All members of Space Decentral are guaranteed the right to freely assemble to discuss and vote upon its operations and policies.
  3. All members of Space Decentral are guaranteed the right to contribute finances and other non-monetary services to its operations.
  4. Space Decentral may enter into agreements with external organizations with the voting consent of its members, provided that none of Space Decentral's standing by-laws or principles are violated by the agreement.
  5. Space Decentral shall maintain and share best-practice policies among its members to further its mission.
  6. Space Decentral shall freely and transparently share its goals and benefits with the public.
  7. Space Decentral shall coordinate with and support the efforts of other organizations where such activity furthers the mission of Space Decentral.
  8. Space Decentral shall consider the impact of its operations and services on local and affected communities wherever possible.