How can an idea turn into a plan? It needs to be discussed, analyzed and debated. The intention of the discussion forum is to facilitate conversations that lead to action.

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Forum Etiquette
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What would for Mars look like? allows regular people to help build a map of every place on earth. It is a big editing toolbox that allows you to position roads, paths, buildings, and landmarks. If the same type of tool was available for Mars, what types of...
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Simulation And Space Exploration

What if the future of space travel and colonization is VR? Participants could spend most of their time in fully immersive VR that provides any pleasant environment they wish - complete with earth like conditions such as water, plants and earth gravity. The care of the participants bodies might ...
Software Development/Government Design
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Asteroid Mining Vehicle

This post is to discuss the technology behind an asteroid mining vehicle. Some points to ponder: How will the craft securely attach itself to the asteroid once it gets there? What about movement on the asteroid? What types of tooling is needed to drill into an asteroid of X makeup? ...
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Co-Founder, Space Cooperative
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Bringing Humans to Mars and Humanity Together

Since I am making the first post to Black Sky, I'd like to start with a blog post from Charlie Bolden, President Obama's NASA Administrator. that resonates with our motto 'To Space, Together." It does not matter that we will and must return humans to the Moon first. The point is that just lik...
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Founder of Space Architecture as a Discipline
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Space Legislature for space mining?

Hello fellow asteroid miners. What are your views on the current discussion at Davos and on the upcoming UNCOPUOS session on space mining?
Ja z konfy
Transhumanist - PhD candidate in space manufacturing law. Space mining specialist.
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Moon Versus Mars?

Can NASA Do the Moon OR Mars Without Losing the Other Constituency? Here is the challenge and the contradiction. Both the Moon and Mars constituencies are intensely passionate about going to their chosen celestial body. Nearly everyone in each camp sees it as a zero-sum game, e.g.: "If we t...
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Founder of Space Architecture as a Discipline
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Colonization of Venus

*Planet Venus is the best planet in the Solar System for colonization. * First, it is the closest one to the Earth - about 40 million kilometers, compared to 50 million to Mars. Also, there is a much frequent launch window (every 584 days), compared to the 780 days for ...
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Quick, Quality Courses for Blockchain and Space Fundamentals

One of the reasons I like the project is the caliber of the founding team. They are driven, well-credentialed, and bring accomplished domain experience. The project aims to be open to anybody, so I thought a good idea would be for those of us lacking domain experience to get up to speed on the...
Technical Architect
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MH12500 HLLV Module Update

This is basically my original concept for the MH12500 Heavy Lift Launch Vehicle standardised module. The baseline stats (basicly the mass budget allowances) are essentially identical to those I noted for the MH12500A module (the more advanced version). Although the mass budget is in the same rang...
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