How can an idea turn into a plan? It needs to be discussed, analyzed and debated. The intention of the discussion forum is to facilitate conversations that lead to action.

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1-Megawatt All-magnet Genset, 100% Duty-cycle, Service for 50-years.

TecnoKontrol ( A megawatt all-magnet, "no-spark" genset, service life 50-years, mine for Peregrine 1500w 81mm dia x 42mm, 2.1kg ...
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Coral Meeting Follow-Ups

This thread will hold all of the follow up messages from our previous Coral Meeting, so that everyone can access it. Feel free to reply to anything discussed in them, and if you have any questions this is the place to ask as well. Meeting videos and minutes can be accessed in [our meeting arch...
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Alternative power generation and storage

Solar PV is the most common power generation method in space, and chemical batteries are the most common power storage method in space. Let's discuss other possible means of generating and storing power for spacecraft and their payloads.
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Proposal: Engineering Plants For Vertical Farms Feasibility Study

Engineering Plants For Vertical Farms Feasibility Study Vertical farming with hydroponics offers a precise way to deliver scarce nutrients and water to plants in a way that uses more of the available space in an enclosed area. These features seem to make vertical hydroponic farming a perfect ...
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Maximum Jailbreak Ideas

I'm super excited for Maximum Jailbreak! It's such a great idea and I can really see a firm reader base and community forming around it. Some feature...
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Colonization of Venus

*Planet Venus is the best planet in the Solar System for colonization. * First, it is the closest one to the Earth - about 40 million kilometers, compared to 50 million to Mars. Also, there is a much frequent launch window (every 584 days), compared to the 780 days for ...
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Giving Mars a magnetosphere might be doable near-term

I ran across this ( blog post, which presented a design for a spacecraft capable of generating a magnetic field big enough to protect all of Mars from solar particle radiation. The design uses a 415 megawatt nuclear ...
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Discussion topics for Coral meeting

Let's use this post to propose topics for next week's meeting. We can also begin discussion right here!
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"Galaxy Quest" proposed flipping a Science Fiction TV show into a reality that even the cast didn't expect. This project is a reality that most of the world is unaware of. Suppose you launch a story about a group of dreamers putting a space venture together. As the story progresses viewers mig...
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What would for Mars look like? allows regular people to help build a map of every place on earth. It is a big editing toolbox that allows you to position roads, paths, buildings, and landmarks. If the same type of tool was available for Mars, what types of...