How can an idea turn into a plan? It needs to be discussed, analyzed and debated. The intention of the discussion forum is to facilitate conversations that lead to action.

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Coral, an Open Lunar Space Program

Coral, the first decentralized space program to the Moon (, has been many months in the making. We wanted to build a clear process for the community to finally collaborate on a space mission. We have bee...
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Co-Founder, Space Cooperative
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Small Multi Role Satellites in Lunar Orbit

A constellation of small multi role satellites providing lunar position system, 5G communication, lunar high resolution spectrography and space weather monitoring. These satellites would support lunar mineral mapping and identification of mining zones for future robotic missions. A lunar economy ...
Systems Engineer
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Modular "Universally" Adaptable Support Craft

As a tentative proposal for a near- to mid- term project, I suggest the development of a Modular Universally Adaptable Support Craft. This would be composed of a "plug-in" command/control module, attached to a modular support frame. Other modular components would be attached as necessary for a gi...
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Proposal: Engineering Plants For Vertical Farms Feasibility Study

Engineering Plants For Vertical Farms Feasibility Study Vertical farming with hydroponics offers a precise way to deliver scarce nutrients and water to plants in a way that uses more of the available space in an enclosed area. These features seem to make vertical hydroponic farming a perfect ...
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MELISSA like projects

Hello everybody, I would like to talk a little bit about the MELISSA project, is everyboy familiar with it ?
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Master student at the Sasakawa International Center for Space Architecture
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Discussion topics for Coral meeting

Let's use this post to propose topics for next week's meeting. We can also begin discussion right here!
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2018 Asteroid Science Intersections with In-Space Mine Engineering Results

The 2018 ASIME Symposium was held at the Université du Luxembourg Recently, they posted the ASIME Abstract Book The abstracts that grabbed my attention include the following (I added URLs where ...
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Founder of Space Architecture as a Discipline
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Looking for programmers and orbital mechanics people to help with an education computer game called Space WorldI've

My team and I have been working on this project for several years already and are looking for other enthusiasts to help out. Feel free to check us out at or message me directly if interested. I haven't read through all of the Space Central documentation but would love t...
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On-Orbot Servicing Robotic Payloads

Space related products that provide services in applications ranging from telecommunications, Earth observation, monitoring and navigation are a fundamental element to our modern way of life. The space industry is confronted with the challenge of sustaining space flight both from an economical p...
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Whatever Happened to the Constellation Lunar Program?

As the prospect of returning humans to the Moon becomes a more frequent topic of discussion, it would be valuable to describe the circumstances that led to the demise of NASA’s last attempt: the Constellation Lunar Program that ran from 2004 to 2010. The Constellation Program poses a cautionary ...
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Founder of Space Architecture as a Discipline