How can an idea turn into a plan? It needs to be discussed, analyzed and debated. The intention of the discussion forum is to facilitate conversations that lead to action.

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New Program & Project Ideas

What you currently see on the network are some initial "seeds": some possible programs and projects. This doesn't mean that they will be the first projects that will necessary be executed. In the next few weeks, we will be annoucning the democratic process involved with selecting the first space ...
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Co-Founder, Space Cooperative
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Proof of reusable technologies value for space launch is being delivered now. How do we bring real innovation to the front in the face of huge development costs? Our very small venture is getting favorable traffic online with a "paper airplane", but has a big leap to justify funding. Our journ...
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Space Decentral Community Meeting - February 10th at 11am PST

Today we have "officially" launched Space Decentral: a social network for space and the first mission control center of a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) pow...
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cis-llunar transportation - cyclers

There has been extensive work done by Aldrin, Genova, and others on the concept of Mars and lunar cyclers - spacecraft that continuously move between Earth/Mars or Earth/moon. This type of system would potentially be an efficient backbone to support a lunar base. Suggest that this type of approac...
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Senior Mission Design Systems Engineer - retired from NASA
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Space Legislature for space mining?

Hello fellow asteroid miners. What are your views on the current discussion at Davos and on the upcoming UNCOPUOS session on space mining?
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Transhumanist - PhD candidate in space manufacturing law. Space mining specialist.
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Artemis, by Andy Weir

The new book Artemis, by Andy Weir (the author of The Martian) comes out on Nov. 14. It's near-future (2080 or so) techno-thriller set in Artemis, the first and only city on the Moon, owned and managed by the Kenyan Space Corporation (KSC). How the KSC comes to create and run the first col...
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Asteroid Mining Vehicle

This post is to discuss the technology behind an asteroid mining vehicle. Some points to ponder: How will the craft securely attach itself to the asteroid once it gets there? What about movement on the asteroid? What types of tooling is needed to drill into an asteroid of X makeup? ...
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Facilitate Escape Velocity

Ok so I was riding my 150cc 1987 Honda Elite scooter on the Freeway the other day ;). It was Saturday December 16th 2017 and it was a very windy day 30-40 MPH gusts. I was on the San Rafeal Bridge going, trying, about 55 MPH. I felt like I was in a tornado. This got me thinking, I know there i...
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OpenVR-WalkInPlace Creator - Blockchain Opposer (not bitcoin but the in-efficient system it runs on). I also built practically this entire spacedenctral platform.
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Exotic propulsion schemes

The jury is still on for exotic propulsion schemes like EmDrive, Mach Effect Drive (MEGA) etc., but if they work they could open a cheap road to the planets and tomorrow the stars. My last article about that published in Motherboard and CNET:
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Low Earth Luxury

A luxurious resort destination in low Earth orbit. Let turn this idea into reality. recognize that a resort is by definition a commercial for-profit business get more crew -- specifically involve serious business people write business plan incorporate find pre-seed investor...
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