Maximum Jailbreak

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Our media project Maximum Jailbreak includes a space magazine, podcasts, VR, science fiction, events, and films.


Popular media have a unique potential for energizing whole generations with compelling space dreams and establishing a global, vibrant pro-space culture to drive public science policies and budgets, as well as private funding for space. No public administration or business can ignore what the people really want. In the sixties, kids wanted to be engineers and astronauts. In today’s world, kids want to be stock brokers. We intend to rectify that.

Our media projects include a popular space magazine for timely news and space views, podcasts, Virtual Reality (VR), science fiction and literature at large, independent films, and big budget Hollywood blockbusters. With the name "Maximum Jailbreak" we pay homage to the Cosmist thinkers that first envisioned our escape from the Earth outwards, "a jailbreak at the maximum possible scale."


"Galaxy Quest" proposed flipping a Science Fiction TV show into a reality that even the cast didn't expect. This project is a reality that most of the world is unaware of. Suppose you launch a story about a group of dreamers putting a space venture together. As the story progresses viewers might begin to notice a familiar pattern as ideas they have heard about...somewhere. As the story progresses the characters are revealed to be not as fictional as initially presented. Now it may become clear that this is NOT science fiction, but fact...a documentary about this very venture. Social adventures only dreamed of on "Star Trek" combines with evolving technologies that open the door to make that reality. Your cast may be unaware of the plan too, thinking this to be a documentary. This reality show cannot be micro-managed like current TV shows as these people have real work to do. But witnessing this all become reality is a real adventure, and that revelation may provide some real excitement. But remember, even NASA experienced a love triangle issue, so keep shields up in case of real misadventures too!
I'm super excited for Maximum Jailbreak! It's such a great idea and I can really see a firm reader base and community forming around it. Some features I think could work well: Reviews of emerging space technologies Sci-fi short story competitions Op-eds on issues like private asteroid mining companies, how land rights work in space, etc Interviews with astronauts and scientists working on spacefaring technology and theories (Accounts of a typical day on the ISS, for example) Educational resources that help and encourage civilian astronomy and science Space photography competitions Listicles - 10 things you didn't know about black holes I think it could be an idea to encourage children to get involved in space (and in this project), and there are a whole bunch of ways to do that, such as age-limited essay competitions, articles like "How To Become An Astronaut", etc. I'm a seasoned journalist, managing editor, and blockchain content marketer, and I'm a huge fan of the project - really looking forward to contributing when the magazine is live. I'd be happy to create some written content as a contribution for the initial launch, or to suggest more in-depth marketing and content strategy in the form of a spreadsheet. Please feel free to use or add to any of these ideas yourselves if any of them catch your eye, and I'd love to hear what kind of content you'd like to see on Maximum Jailbreak!

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