HELP TAKE US TO THE NEXT LEVEL is currently maintained by Space Cooperative. If you believe in our vision, we would be grateful for financial contributions so we can execute on our roadmap and build the most intelligent and action-oriented community of space explorers.

The Space Decentral Network is an open source project. You are currently using an early prototype - an alpha release. It’s still missing so many features. With your financial contributions we will be enabled to hire more full-time staff to build the necessary features for our minimum viable product. We do currently have two open roles: Full Stack/Smart Contract Developer and Marketing Lead - please apply to help build the future of space mission collaboration. If there's some other way you'd like to contribute let us know using this form.


Besides what is listed below, we plan on migrating the codebase from Ruby on Rails to node.js. If you’re proficient in Ruby and Javascript, and want to volunteer your time to our open source project, join us on Github to help build!

Space Decentral V0.1: Initial Prototype [Current]

  • Create and manage user profiles; follow and message users
  • Join programs and projects
  • Project discussion boards, with tagging and filtering
  • Share and discuss research publications
  • Collaborate on files with Google Drive integration

Space Decentral V0.2: Wiki, Aragon Integration

  • Manage global and project wikis
  • Create, manage and follow organizations/teams
  • Search by mission, person, organization, skills
  • Integrate Aragon for decision making, fund allocation, and planning
  • Ability to collect tokens by completing tasks

Space Decentral V1.0: Project Management Release

  • Ability to create and manage projects
  • Fully integrated task management solution
  • Peer review tools for project proposals
  • Integrated space marketplace (Satsearch)

Space Decentral V1.1: Git for Hardware Release

  • Open source hardware collaboration (Sliderule integration)
  • Offer or search for consulting services

Space Decentral V1.2: Systems Engineering Release

  • Model-based systems engineering tools
  • Wiki enhancements to support integrations to Mission Design Kit apps
  • Marketplace that allows developers to monetize apps

Learn more details about these features in our white paper.