Always The Temptress

The impossible exciting thrilling wonder of reallife astro space engineering sciences physics presented here in story format to you the reader for your ( Mr. Spock fascinating ? :-) cleverconsidering the possibilities edutainment inspiration

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message to a crowdsourcing complacencykickin public space promotion group (Space Decentral) entity Foundation fellowship thingamasomethingorother or vits in their feeble futile (hee, hee, hee snicker snicker:) attempt to inspire and organize (the) public (en) support and involvement in space programs especially the private industry sector ones

Always The Temptress
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A-Z four me & minecraft robotics
weee will server the galaxy (quest?)

Why knot a series a daisychain volley of ElectricPropulsion (EP) Ion-engined powered (superefficient locomotion) CubeSat-spaceprobes accelerated up to lightspeed ,or closeencounters nearth there to it, to flyby near close proximity starsystems like Alpha Proxima Centauri
relaying observations back from one craft to the next all the way home to Earth to starfleet command

Speaking of human spaceflight
Y _naut add a telescope^observatory module on top of I.S.S. ,or someother garbagescow tub Chief Engineer Scot Montgomery Scot Scotty, for \Visual space studies
and a lasso like cable around said vessels perimeter for radio aid observation&/communication.
And add a whirling/spinning/centrifugal module on the underneath ,Earth side, of Station for artificial gravity for a kitchen, bathroom, and even an exercise gym thor the crews.


Regarding Henru Rusted
Yuh know here planetside

Have Nasau ,or some other organizedation, build a giant underground (Underground?! Wize everything got R2B underground with you Roger? What, AR U a Dwarven Drow halfgnome or sumtin?! Sheesh!!) centrifuge habitat where the artificial gravity is directed awayfrom/upward ,135° up from Earth's (downer) G-Force, so that cybernauts and other space cadets trainees have someplace to semi-freefall/weightlessly bounce around, practice, and otherwise live and train therein.
Such centrifeudal Systems & Technologies don't have to be just for habitating though. Blip zip yeah can also be extended to up spinning launch vehicles capsules. ( Hint, hint Jean Luc :)

Jus saying is awl : ) KungFu Optimus Prinda