Purpose of this thread: to discuss the physical location where we should perform the real-world R&D necessary for Coral.

At our operations teleconference yesterday (October 3rd PDT at 20:00) one of the items we discussed was the necessity to select a real-world location to perform the R&D necessary for Coral. We didn't dive too deeply into it, but without waffling any more, these are the kinds of considerations that one or more team members have raised so far:
* proximity to other parts of the space industry (manufacturers, contractors, clients, launch providers, etc.)
* availability of necessary resources for R&D (simulant, transportation access, etc.)
* the regulatory environment at the selected location (boring but necessary legal considerations)
* ability of team members to be physically present on a regular basis
* quality of life for team members at the proposed location
* the economic sense of a given location (e.g. rent vs. the income that pays that rent)

The meeting attendees wholly agreed that this isn't a question we can fully answer at the moment and that it's one that we will eventually need to answer in order to reach point B: a lunar landing! So there are no wrong answers or dumb questions. There are only cases to be made and information to share.