Infinos SPACE/STEM edutech is a new kind of innovation-value added product & service for school to university students. It has a combination tech products in a single edukit for school students. It’d include Robotics-Control, 3D Printed Models, AR/VR, LEGO Bot, Astronomy, etc.The attached pics is about the conceptual version. This kit is not only like a hobby kit , it’d be a kit compatible to the student’s education in a more practical mode.

It’d also be a STEM Educational Tool box for various schools as per syllabus.
Not only as a total kit with various categories of technological products, but also a tool as an individual technology based educational product as well.

It includes subjects like Robotics related to aerospace and innovation building. It would have various types of Robotics.


It’d also have various electronics level unbind modules for aerospace applications. We’ve a simulation satellite model which transmit data to smartphone. It is very basic level low range model of satellite or cansat.


Along with that, it’d also have Augmented Reality based apps and space edutech products for it. AR/VR would help students visualize any equation to any experiment and future mission planning by just an app.

Not only that, we’d have a beautiful 3D printed models of space colony to spaceships etc. It’d help any students to create new design and innovation from grass-root level about aerospace. We’d also have 3D Robotics where anyone can not only make, but control my robotics mechanism as well.

One of the most important part of this edukit is LEGO and LEGO Robotics, this has a huge potentiality for innovation and growth of creative prototyping for students. It’d have the mechanism to build various space related designs.

STEM Education is also important part of any student. Our Edukit would support various customized STEM education and its syllabus to portray a natural and technology based product & service for it. Along with the individual product and edukit, we’d also provide the online education support for students to deal with it properly.

We’ve and we’ll include more professional educationist for the segmented product.
Basically the students will learn from the kit by following step by step process. But in case of dealing with such projects to be in touch with tools such as Mechanical Cadd, 3D printing, Java, Blender, Python, IOT, Basic Electronics,Robotics.
This is a 1st kind of such STEM & Space Edukit which opens a new way of innovation in education from grassroot level.

Founder and Head