What if we explored building a space elevator at exactly the top of the rotational axis at the north or south pole? It could be attached to a tower with a rotating element that is loaded with strong magnets. The earth would rotate while the rotating element stayed fixed due to being fixed to the mass on the end of the elevator that is being dragged with the earth around the sun. The rotating element of the elevator would ensure that the line does not get pulled by the earth's rotation towards the equator. The elevator could be attached to a tall tower so the line would stay above the ground all the way into space. The near horizontal orientation of the elevator would mean low fuel costs for traveling into space. If the tilt of the earth interferes during some parts of the year, then you could detach the elevator on one pole and reattach the elevator at the other pole as the seasons change. Rotation against the force of the magnets could generate electricity that drives electrolosys of ocean water so that energy could be stored in hydrogen.

Should Space Decentral develope this concept further? Is it flawed?