I have recently submitted a number of letters of intent for a variety of missions, under the team name SMST (Standardized Modular Systems Technologies). These missions include a robotic manoeuvering unit, a universally adaptable utility craft/vehicle (described in the letter sent recently), and a modular 100% wet workshop heavy lift launch system. Although I have advanced considerably in what I intend for these concepts, I obviously can't put the missions together on my own (especially as I only have a strictly amature background in engineering). I therefore need to recruit a number of team members. As I lack some important technical expertise, I am particularly in need of engineers in various specialisations. However, I could also use the help of professional architects, as well as people who could provide more general assistance.

I anyone is interested in participating, feel free to send me an e-mail at:
[email protected]
or contact me through the forum or riot.