Hi Luna City team. I just joined the Luna City crew. Congrats on pushing the needle on such an important initiative!

Who am I?
Engineer and enterpreneur with 15+ years experience in the Space industry.
Have been supporting the Moon Village Association (https://moonvillageassociation.org/) and I am their Working Group lead for Moon Markets and Financial Forecasting. My background is in Space Systems Engineering but have for the past 3 years ventured into finance and banking into the context of Space economic development. My company is working on building public-benefit capital infastructure for long-term and sustainable Space development: https://www.spacevault.world

There are many groups working towards developing the vision of a Lunar base. The Moon Village Association is one of them, WayPaver Org. is another, and countless advocacy groups and teams around the US and the world working towards the same goal. My goal in the short term is to have the different groups start talking to each other. Too many silos in the Space industry... Together, we rise :-)

Is there a meeting (google chat, Skype, UberConference etc.) where the crew can discuss path forward and tasks?

I have an extensive array of work that I have been conducting via the MVA that I would like to discuss and share with you and hopefully we can all work together.

Jason Aspiotis