Existence is a different kind of blockchain. It isn't based on a timeline, but a connected circle.
The whole existence and their space-time acts like a infinite blockchain.
When something starts, is because something had ended before. Nothing can start from nothing.
When you see the genesis block, before it there are other infinite blocks.
And the latest block is connected with other newer blocks you cannot see, but they depends upon it.
As for every begin there is a end, for every end there is a new begin.

If some things exists, its because other things exists.
If every thing has been generated, its because nothing existing had declared it.
Even the not existing needed to exist to be declared as non existing; that generates everything.
If every thing exists to form the space, every thing forming the times are already existing.
More than one of same thing can't exist, but when it isn't existing it needs to exist.
So, in a timing that can't be metered, when there is a certain time on this universe, there is a previous trace of it on another universe, and this time of this universe is a trace of a future time already existing on another universe.

when you're reciting the alphabet, when you're saying B, there is a previous timeline of you saying A (because it can't be inexistent, as everything can't be inexistent and are instantly spawn to existence) and a future timeline of you saying C (because to exist a timeline, even you seeing it as current, there were a previous, and your own timeline is also a previous of a future one).
Everything exists at same time in parallel - and connected - but not equal.
All space-time and its variations are already generated, connected to each other in a infinite flow.