Hopefully not too off topic but...

When an initial crew starts arriving on the lunar surface, their arrival could be very historically important if they are going to stay indefinitely in a permanent habitat. In other words, they could legitimately be considered to be the first of humanity permanently moving off Earth.

As such, a VR experience could be in high demand in which viewers are essentially standing on the lunar surface watching the historic landings of:
- The first people to start moving off Earth indefinitely,
- The first woman on the Moon,
- The first couples on the Moon, and
- The first dog on the Moon.
Whereas the 2D video would be availabe to everyone on Earth, pay-per-view VR experience could be a means whereby funds could be raise to reimburse the development expenses to date. Try doing some back-of-the-envelope calculations about how much revenue that might bring in. 1% of the Earth's population paying $50 to be virtually present at one of the four initial crew missions comes to $3.75 B. Not shabby!